Couples Intensives


Some couples have a desire or need to expedite the counseling process. Couples who are too busy to commit to ongoing weekly therapy or who want to see a transformation in their relationship QUICKLY are most suitable for a couples intensive. This 8-hour day is done with the goal of helping a couple find clarity, learn new skills, complete a specific goal, or decide about their future together. Intensives can be helpful for ANY couple hoping to advance their relationship in an expedited amount of time.

Is an intensive right for you?

Most couples that attend an intensive are experiencing a significant amount of stress, or have even begun the divorce process. If you find yourself stuck in patterns and cycles of conflict, an intensive could be right for you.

How does the couples intensive process work?

  • Intensives are ONLY offered on weekends and must be scheduled in advance.
  • Once booked, each partner receives a detailed assessment/intake on what they would like to focus on. A roadmap for the day.
  • Once Dianna receives the completed assessment from both partners, she will design your treatment plan according to your goals. This will include activities surrounding your topics, handouts, discussion points, etc. All intensives are individually tailored to ensure you receive the personalized support and guidance necessary for your relationship’s growth.
  • Intensives are 9am-5pm with a 30 min lunch included and located at her office building.

What are topics commonly addressed with an intensive?

All intensives are individually tailored to the couples needs/goals. Common topics addressed include but not limited to the following:

  • Communication
  • Infidelity or betrayal of any nature
  • Intimacy and sexual issues
  • Financial strains
  • Blended families and/or co-parenting
  • Children or career conflict
  • Discernment or confusion of continuing the relationship
  • Addiction concerns

NOTE: Couples are recommended to continue participating in ongoing couples therapy sessions. Intensives rarely take the place of the benefit of consistent therapy sessions. These are offered to give a large amount of information to help jumpstart or refresh the counseling process and give couples an opportunity to reduce stress about their relationship where possible.

Cost of a weekend intensive: $1400 per couple. This includes 8 hours of individual work with Dianna Westbrook, an individualized treatment plan tailored to the needs of the couple, all needed printed materials and weekend slots to offer more privacy.