“We worked with Dianna for 6 months to repair trust after infidelity and we couldn’t have asked for a better fit and experience. She made us feel comfortable with having really hard conversations. Our marriage has never felt stronger” - Alicia & Chris. N

“My finance and I worked with Dianna doing our pre-marital sessions. We enjoyed the exercises she did that helped us open up more and start our marriage on the best foot possible” -Derek.D and Kelsey. B

“I went into couples counseling confident that the therapist would tell my wife and I that we should divorce and are not good together. Dianna did the opposite and changed my views of counseling all together. We never once talked about divorce. My wife and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary together” -Daniel.D

“She knows her stuff and makes it feel comforting” -Sarah.B

“We are a same sex couple and had a terrible time finding an accepting therapist in the Knoxville area. Dianna is inviting, welcoming and treated our actual relationship problems rather than judging us for being a non-traditional couple” Krissy.N & Jessica.O

“She has a great sense of humor and makes awesome analogies on the spot that makes sense to whatever we are going through at the time. Very relatable”. - Cindy and Jeffery. F

“I would call her the relationship guru. Highly recommend” – James.W

“We were recommended to Dianna by a co-worker who also worked with her. I miss not getting to go see her weekly because I always left her office feeling motivated and positive. She made us feel like our marriage wasn’t the worst ever and that we were actually a normal couple” - Amanda.J & Tyler.W

“Easy process from the 1st phone call to having to say goodbye (which was the hardest part)” -Samantha & Jasper. H

“We were referred to Dianna because couples work is her specialty. I read the Getting the Love You Want book a while back and always wanted to try Imago Therapy. She is only 1 of 2 therapists in Knoxville that does that approach. Connected to it instantly and was definitely the right choice for us”.     -Vicki and Wes. K