Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

There are some relationship problems that couples simply cannot resolve alone. Making the decision to come for couples therapy can be difficult for many reasons.

Call it couples counseling, relationship counseling, marriage therapy, or anything else. Sometimes counseling is the best tool we can give to our relationship.

Below are a few most frequently expressed topics shared during couple’s sessions:It's All About Relationships

  • Frequent arguments/criticism, defensiveness
  • Lifestyle, parenting, financial, family difference/ work/life balance
  • Loss of emotional or sexual spark/loss of intimacy
  • Not feeling heard or not respected
  • Addiction (substance and/or behavioral)
  • Unable to resolve problems together
  • Disappointment with their partner
  • Communication problems
  • Too close or too demanding
  • Infidelity/fear of being unfaithful
  • Unresolved pain from prior relationships
  • Significant life adjustment occurs (death of a loved one, health, trauma)
  • Difficulty trusting one another
  • Considering separation and/or divorce
  • Desire to simply deepen the connection they already have
  • Premarital therapy

The single biggest predictor of human happiness is the quality of relationships”   -Arthur Aron

Goals of Relationship work include:

  • Deepen you knowledge of each other and build the life you want together
  • Dissolve conflict
  • Provide a skill for changing frustrations into opportunities for growth and healing
  • Create a safe place to reconnect
  • Develop emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Learn to communicate effectively/end chronic arguments
  • Restore trust
  • Learn practical tools for effectively resolving conflict
  • Understand and appreciate your individual differences
  • Revive your spark
  • Rebuild respect and appreciations
  • Restore your connection
  • Have fun and enjoy each other

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