Group Therapy

Couples group therapy is a wonderful way to experience the power of IMAGO Therapy, with other couples for support. Groups teach effective communication skills and heal in a safe and supportive environment. Groups are small (3-5 couples) who are looking to create a conscious and health relationship. Being with others who are on the same relationship journey as you are, allows for deep compassion and understanding, and the gift of witnessing your own struggles in others.

The Couplehood Relationship Reconnection group program is based on IMAGO Relationship Theory and is a 6-week program (1.5 hours) per week designed to invite couples to protect, nourish and transform their relationship into an enduring and fulfilling connection. The groups are educational in nature and you are never asked to share or participate in the group discussions.

These groups are designed for all couples no matter what stage of relationship you are in. It can be beneficial to help connect with other couples in different stages of their life journey. You do not have to be married to participate in this program.

Cost of the 6-week program is $230 per couple and includes your workbooks and handouts. This program is offered a certain times throughout the year and will be posted on the website as they become offered.

Couples Therapy